A whirlpool tub equipped with our Air-Hydrobath system will offer you alternatively a relaxing or invigorating massage.

Operating principle

whirlpool tubTake full advantage of a balneotherapy bath at the top with this system that combines the actions of AIRBATH and HYDROBATH for relaxing massage sessions or invigorating.

It is possible to activate massages simultaneously, successively or separately depending on your desires.

This system allows a massage à la carte: TONIC, RELAX or DRAINING.



Control keypad

whirlpool tubThe ultra-flat keypad with back-lit keys is integrated into the horizontal edge of the bathtub or on the vertical wall on demand.

Intuitive controls adjust the power of the massage and select TONIC, RELAX or DRAINING programs.

The frame is treated in the same color as the bathtub but is also available in chrome or gold.

Pump and blower

● 1100W or 1200W pump depending on the bathtub model
● 800W or 1000W air blower according to bathtub model
● 300W dedicated to pre-heating the air
● Blower with built-in Ozone generator


● Sensor prevents start of bubble bath if water level is too low
● If the suction is closed, safety stops the operation of the pump
● A double safety loop prevents any return of water to the air blower
● The air nozzles are equipped with water check valves



The massage jets are divided according to the geometry of each of our whirlpool baths for an optimal massage during your whirlpool.

We offer the jets in the color of the bathtub but also in chrome or gold finish.

whirlpoot tub jets



whirlpool tub airjetsInvisible air nozzles are divided according to the geometry of each bathtub for optimal massage during your balneotherapy sessions.

The bottom of the whirlpool tub stays perfectly smooth without any unsightly roughness.

Comfort and hygiene

● The air blower is equipped with a 300W pre-air heater and an ozone generator. Ozone is a powerful oxidant that destroys microorganisms and leaves the water cleaner.

● An automatic drying procedure starts at the end of the cycle for perfect hygiene.

● A manual cleaning and disinfection procedure will allow you to degrease, descale, deodorize and disinfect the piping of the massage system with the cleaning product of the WATERGAME whirlpool systems. Our cleaning product has been specially developed for the maintenance of your whirlpool tub.


Chromotherapy spots

whirlpool tub chromotherapyEnjoy the benefits of chromotherapy thanks to the 2 spots included in the standard equipment.

Transition from blue to green then yellow then red with the possibility of stopping on the color of your choice.

Option: Water heater

whirlpool tub air heaterWe offer an optional water heater.

This equipment is especially recommended for large whirlpool baths (2 places whirlpool baths for example).

PDF document

Download the presentation of the AIR-HYDROBATH system in PDF 

AIR/HYDROBATH systems can be mounted on most of our bathtubs.
See our product sheets for more information.

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