High-end composite tubs in Ceralite®


CERALITE® is a registered trademark and patented manufacturing process of Watergame Company. This composite material is a mixture of high performance resins and mineral fillers.

The average thickness of the CERALITE® of 12mm gives to our composite tubs an excellent rigidity (suppression of rebound and resonance effects) and an increased sound and thermal insulation. The coloured surface is composed of a high quality UV-resistant gel coat, guaranteeing the durability of our products.

CERALITE® can be easily drilled for the installation of the tap fittings. It is also repairable in case of damage.

This composite material used to manufacture our various bathroom products (composite tubs, washbasins and sinks, shower trays, toilets and bidets) allows us to make them customizable as desired by incorporating ornamental friezes, decorative patterns, special shades according to sample, imitation of marble or stone, and so on. The CERALITE® allows you to leave your imagination and your creativity free.

To preserve the beauty of your CERALITE® products, Watergame recommends to maintain this composite material, simply using soapy water or a liquid cleanser for bathroom with a soft sponge. Rinse with clean water. Abrasive products, scouring powders are to be avoided. See our warranty conditions.

composite tubs in Ceralite

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